About Me


I fell in love with entertainment at the age of 11 when I attended boarding school at Adesoye College, Kwara state, Nigeria.  We were just about 400 students but it was a melting pot of all Nigerian cultures.  Listening to music was banned on weekdays but that didn’t stop people from sneaking their CD and cassette players out (even though you ran the risk of your device getting seized if an impromptu search was conducted!).  Music was played everywhere: in the communal bathrooms, our bedrooms and during preptime! That was where the entertainment seed was planted.

Moving on to my latter teenage years and early adulthood, I would spend significant amounts of money on hip-hop and film magazines and CDs.  I just consumed pop culture! My experiences working in advertising, human resources, administration were just stop gaps until I found my true calling.  I’m now a TV producer, scriptwriter and talent manager committed to serving my clients satisfactorily.